"Maximizing Child Development & Socializing Skills"

Play Groups meet every Tuesday, 9:30-10:30 AM

"Moms, dads, or grandparents, here is your chance to interact with your special toddler in a fun educational environment!"

PERFECT FOR: Mom's groups, Moms with one child, Moms with multiples (bring a grandparent along)

SESSION 1: Toddler Picasso - Moms & Toddlers have fun with art through coloring, painting, and other art & craft's projects. Bring a paint shirt for your toddler. Be ready to hang art work on your wall!

SESSION 2: Play Dough Mania - Moms, use your imagination to make your own play dough creation while you observe your child create his/her own. Playtime exercises will follow to help release stress!

SESSION 3: Storytelling & Dress-Up - Moms/dads/grandparents get ready to bring your favorite hats and storytelling picture for our "dress-up storytelling morning." Your child will marvel with excitement as he/she dresses up with you. Everyone becomes involved in storytelling & play acting as you participate in the "Magic Apron" story!

SESSION 4: Shake It; Twist It, and Shout It Out - Dance movements for tiny dancers and fun-loving moms make this day a Kodak moment! We will end the hour with slower, relaxing stretching moves. Remember to take these dance moves home and enjoy them everyday!

COST: $8.00 per session per toddler. Adult free! (Please note: one adult free per paying child). Session fee includes water and cracker/cereal snack for toddler. GRAND OPENING SPECIAL - $7.00 PER SESSION PER TODDLER.